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Welcome to Rindfleisch Family Practice

We are excited to help!

Dr. Rindfleisch is a board certified family practice physician committed to providing optimal acute and preventative care to people from newborns to end of life.

He is an East Idaho native who loves serving the community in which he was raised. He is committed to being the Idaho Falls family doctor that you deserve.

To schedule an appointment and learn how Dr. Rindfleisch can help you, contact us today!

Why choose Rindfleisch Family Practice?


  • Satisfaction

    Dr Rindfleisch strives to optimally care for all his patients. He wants all his patients to feel comfortable discussing all their concerns and confident in his ability to care for their needs. Nothing is more rewarding to him than total satisfaction from those he has the honor and trust in caring for their health.

  • Accepting all forms of insurance and cash

    Dr rindfleisch and his team have made it possible for all people to see him regardless of insurance. As far as we know we accept every type of insurance in Idaho. If he is not set up on a particular insurance, he will do everything he can to be able to treat you. He offers up front payment discounts for those who do not have insurance.

  • Experience

    Taining in downtown Las Vegas Dr Rindfleisch was exposed to a variety of ailments and concerns, giving him the confidence and knowledge of when he can treat and when a specialist is needed.

  • Flexible Schedule

    We work full days, as needed, to serve our patients. In case of emergencies, Dr Rindfleisch lives locally and has made exceptions to meet his patients on weekends. In certain circumstances Dr Rindfleisch will do home visits for those in need! He is the family doctor Idaho Falls residents can depend on. 

What Our Patients Say

  • Dr. Rindfleisch is an angel and he is such a blessing to my life - if it wasn't for him my mom wouldn't be getting the care she needs.


  • He is such a saint!


  • Such an awesome staff who can help him multitask - and Dr. Rindfleisch is so efficient.


How can we help...

We offer a wide range of procedures for optimal healthcare. If Dr Rindfleisch can't do it in his office he has a personal network of physicians whom he works very closely with and has a great relationship to meet all concerns.